April 29, 2015


photo via pinterest

Next week, I'll be heading off to the Western Caribbean on vacation and I couldn't be anymore excited! After a long semester, that deprived me of many hours of sleep, I am ready to relax and soak up some sun for a few days.

On a week long journey the first place that I will be visiting is Cozumel, Mexico. And honestly, I think I'm most excited about this island because 1. I've always wanted to visit Mexico and 2. I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! (Especially guacamole!)

Then, I'll be heading off to Belize. While doing my research on the beautiful land, I've seen some amazing photos of Belize's natural caves, so hopefully I'll be able to see them.

Next on the itinerary, would be Isla Roatan, Honduras. Lastly, I'll be heading to Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands.

For the rest of this week, I'll be sharing my must haves when traveling to a tropical destination, as well as what I've packed for my trip. And I'll be taking pictures of everything on my trip and sharing it with you here, so stay tuned!

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Check back tomorrow for my must have travel essentials!

xoxo, Shay


  1. I would go there even today. Enjoy your break and have fun



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