May 1, 2015


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1.COCONUT OIL - *Can be found at almost any supermarket. Make sure to buy ORGANIC.* 2.L'OREAL - Total Repair 3.MATRIX - Color Care

Hair care is extremely important if you're spending countless hours in the sun and salt water. Whether you have natural or colored hair the sun is damaging. Salt water and chlorine water can also dry your hair. These three products are what I always use even when I'm not in the sun or beach. I put Coconut Oil in my hair at least 30 min before washing. I use the L'Oreal deep conditioner after shampooing and leave it in for 3-5 min, and then rinse with cold water. After I'm out of the shower I spray in the Matrix Miracle Treat, and brush it in. The Miracle Treat is amazing! I would recommend even if your hair is natural. The bottle also last for a very long time!

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1.EOS - Organic Lip Balm 2.COPPERTONE - Spf 75 Sun Block 3.NEUTROGENA - Face Sunblock 4. JERGENS - Natural Glow Moisturizer

Skin care while being in the sun is a given on being extremely important. First, always keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm that offers SPF. Many times we forget our lips and they burn the quickest. Sun Block is another biggie, I try to always get one with high SPF. I have very fare skin and always try to avoid the sun in anyway possible. Sun Block for your face is even more important. You don't want to be wrinkly, now do you? I always try to avoid the sun, and I'm not the biggest fan of laying out and roasting in it either. But I do like to have tanned, bronzed looking skin, so I use the Jergens Natural Glow which moisturizes and leaves the nicest natural looking tan. You can even use it multiples times a week to build the tan.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays Tropical Must Haves! 

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xoxo, Shay


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  2. Ray-bans are my fave :)

  3. I adore this post so much! You have a great selection of items shown. My favorite has to be the Karen Walker glasses or the ASOS/River Island bag.


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