May 13, 2015



Short hair is the new black. If you haven't already noticed, short hair is the new trend for spring and summer. Not only are the lack of inches getting full attention but so is the LOB. A long bob that is, for those of you who weren't aware of what a LOB really was. I myself spotted this trend and knew I wanted to join it. The moment I cut my hair and styled it, I was obsessed! With the shorter hair in back and the longer hair in the front framing your face, who wouldn't love this trend?  Not only is it extremely flattering for most face shapes, it's also so much easier to style than long hair. A chic yet easy hair that is perfect for summer!

The main goal when having a LOB haircut is trying to achieve that 'I just got out of bed and my hair looks fabulously tousled' look. But this is the best part, it's extremely easy and low maintenance! 

Personal tips that help me style my LOB:
1. Large curling wand. (1 inch or larger)
2.Add mouse to hair before it's fully dry to add texture.
3.Use dry shampoo to add volume.
4. Mess it up and run your hands through it!

Now I know it may be a bit scary to do a drastic haircut sometimes, but that's why this long bob is perfect. You can start slowly, with a length that reaches your boobs or above them and cut shorter in the back. I myself went below my shoulders length but I now want shorter! See if you like the length and how you feel and then decide if you'll go shorter.

Hope you guys enjoy this post and it inspires you to maybe chop off a couple inches!

xoxo, Shay




  1. Oh, the lob! I have seen this hairstyle on everyone from Beyonce to my boss at work. I think its such a fresh and new take on the bob, I love it!

    1. Yes, everywhere I look I see this hairstyle now! It's totally a fresh new take on the original bob.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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