May 18, 2015


Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to finally start sharing with you these mini photo diary's of my vacation to the Western Caribbean. My family and I traveled on a cruise to several islands that I mentioned before in this blogpost. Today's diary only captures our first day at sea before arriving to our first port. 


xoxo, Shay

p.s. If you look closely to the picture above you may see some buildings on the horizon. That's HAVANA, CUBA!!! How cool is that?! For most of that day we traveled along the coast of Cuba.

                 Our day started off with some brunch on the high seas, and for those that know me well, I  always have to have my tea! After enjoying some omelets and warm croissants, it was time to work out with amazing views of the deep blue Caribbean.

If only all workouts consisted these views! On the horizon you can still see the western mountains in Cuba.

When traveling in the Caribbean you can never have enough sunnies! 

Look of the day!
1. HM- Suede brown shorts 2. HM - White fringe crop top 3. Forever21 - Wool Boater Hat 4. Gold Strap Sandals - (similar here and on sale!) 5. Forever21 - Ombre/Cat Eye Sunnies (sold out) 6.Target - Strappy Back Bikini (not pictured)

After our workouts, we quickly changed into our bikinis, layered our sunblock and just relaxed by the pool.
Essentials when lougin' by the pool...
After catching some sun and relaxing, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. I enjoyed these amazing stuffed mushrooms as a starter!
My sister enjoyed a cream of strawberries for her starter... (Basically a smoothie! Haha)
This day was also my moms birthday, so at the end of dinner we surprised her with a double chocolate cake! Happy Birthday Mommy!

My look: 1. Forever21 - Button Down Blouse (old) 2.Forever21 - Pleated Apricot Shorts 3. Strappy Nude Heels (old) - love these  4. Zara - S/S 15' Embellished Earrings (sold out)
My moms look: 1. Forever21 - Halter Maxi Dress 2. Zara - S/S 14' Embellished Earrings (similar here and here)

Every night when we returned back to our rooms, they would leave us the cutest towel animals!

Hope you all enjoyed today's diary! Check back at the end of the week for the first port.

First stop, Cozumel, Mexico!


  1. Great photos, looks like you had a great day.

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I really enjoyed it!!



  2. such awesome images! love all your sunnies there!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like them!

      Thanks for stopping by!



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