August 3, 2015


Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share with you all my July favorites as I've discovered some new beauty prouducts and accesories that I have been loving all month, as well as other items that I've started using again.

Hope you guys enjoy!

xoxo, Shay

P.S. All the items are linked at the end in case you're in the mood to try some of these items!

For a while now I have been eye-ing marble detailed jewelry, and this month I finally got round to getting some. The simple stone detail adds the simplest yet coolest touch to any look! Whether I was wearing a tee and jeans or dressier look, these earrings and cuff added the perfect touch. The earrings are via Rocksbox and the cuff is from Forever21.  I've linked similar items below!

This foundation is something I'm excited to share with you. At first I wasn't open to trying a new foundation and felt comfortable with the one I was using (Revlon ColorStay Whipped). But I decided to just try it out after my sister recommended it so much, and I am so glad I listened.  It is extremely light and feels as if I'm not wearing any foundation at all yet it has a great amount of coverage and can be built up to have more coverage. What I always try to look for in foundations is that it looks natural and as if it's my skin, and this foundation definitely does that. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with dry skin as it leaves an almost powdery finish and may dry your skin more.  I wear the shade 102 Shell Beige.

How gorgeous is this taupe pink shade? I am so in love and continue getting compliments on my nails with this color. The formula from Sally Hansen is also one of my favorites. So easy to apply and one coat can almost be enough!

I have never tried a collagen mask before, so I was so excited to try this blueberry one from Spa Luxe! These under eye mask were absolutely so refreshing and left my under eyes feeling so fresh and brightened.  Even after a couple days, I still notice that my under eyes are less dry (as they tend to usually be) and my makeup looks so much better as well.

This dainty bar necklace is what I have literally been wearing ALL month long. It's the perfect amount of detail yet still very subtle and feminine. Try to spot me wearing it here!

I tend to have oily skin but lately my skin has been extremely dry and so my sister told me I must try this Argan Oil. I was bit apprehensive because the thought of putting pure oil on my face freaked me out and I just thought it would break me out but I WAS WRONG! I apply this every night on a clean face before going to bed and my skin wakes up so glowly and soft and brightened. I am so happy I found this little sucker and I haven't had a blemish since I started using it either. It's a bit on price-y side but worth every penny!

Last, but definitely not least is an old favorite that I rediscovered. I used to wear this every single day for months and then I eventually finished it but never went back to purchase another one but I finally did! If I had to choose a lipstick for the rest of my life, it'd be this one! It leaves my lips moisturized and adds the perfect amount of a red/pink to my lips. What I love most about this color is that it looks like my natural lip color but more enhanced. So perfect with any make up look and any time of day! You need this lipstick in your life!



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