January 21, 2016


Over the holidays I was lucky enough to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada and also take a day trip to the Grand Canyon with my famly. I finally got around to editing all these photos to share and I'm wishing I could go back after going through my whole camera album.

The weather was perfectly crisp in the 40's which allowed me to finally layer up and sport my leather jacket purchase (outfit post here). Most of the things I got up-to were touristy like visiting all the famous hotels but the interiors of them all were beautiful! Check out some of the details I captured below. 

Keep checking back for my New York City travel diary which I'm extra excited to share!


xoxo, Shay

Comfort is always key while traveling! I sported some sweatpants, a soft tee shirt (American Eagle) and my Adidas Superstars. 

My travel essentials! From left to right: Forever21 scarf, Forever21 backpack (similar here), Rayban sunnies, GoPro Hero, Canon 50 mm lens, Adidas Superstars

Slot machines were everywhere, even at the airport! 

All the hotels had the most beautiful interiors!

I never got used to the time difference so I was waking up at 9 AM Miami time and 6 AM local time but I at least got to watch the sunrise over the mountains!


Again more beautiful interiors! This was at the Paris Hotel!

 Drove through the desert to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and had a pit stop on Route 66!


The Grand Canyon was absolutely beautiful! Pictures do no justice to natures beauty!

There was beautiful sunsets over sin city every single night! 


  1. omg! too amazing of a trip!! can't wait to go this summer!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Amazing pictures <3
    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  3. Loved this travel diary! I'm going in late summer with friends and you've given me ideas for where to go :)

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