July 28, 2016


Hello everyone!

I'M BACK!!!!

I know, it's been way too long but as I had mentioned before I traveled to Europe as a study abroad trip for almost 4 weeks during June. It's safe to say it was THE best trip I've ever taken and I had the most amazing time and felt so lucky each and everyday to be able to be there. Many times I had to pinch myself because I couldn't believe it was real.

My trip started in ENGLAND! Which was the most exciting part because for those that know me well, know that London has been my absolute dream to visit and it was so much more beautiful in person.

Follow along below as I guide you through my short 2 day trip to London, England!

Until next time London!

xoxo, Shay

Flew from Miami into Manchester, England and below was my first sighting of England before landing! It was so surreal for me after dreaming of that moment for so long! (Cheesy but very true! Haha)

Took a train ride through the English country side from Manchester to London and the view was incredible! It was so green and luscious with so many cute sheep everywhere!

Finally made it to London, and in true English fashion it was gloomy and grey but I did not mind it!

As well as gloomy and grey it was freezing! But I got to sport a cool leather jacket in June, which is a win for this Miami girl.

When I finally saw Big Ben was when it finally hit me that I was in London. After dreaming about it for so long it was still so much more intricate and beautiful in person.

Ended the first day in Piccadilly Circus!

The next day started with a traditional English breakfast at a cafe across our hotel. So hearty and yummy!

View from the cafe during breakfast! Fell so in love with all of the gorgeous brick buildings.

Also fell in love with all of the doors!

Probably took way too many pictures in front of stranger's doors too!

Took a trip to the British Museum. Love that ALL of London's museums are free!


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