August 12, 2016


Hello everyone!

After a few short days in London I flew over to Basel, Switzerland. It is a smaller city on the river Rhine in the Northwest of Switzerland that borders France and Germany. While most people speak German we still came across some French and it was so cool to actually hear it fluently!

The city was absolutely beautiful! It is one of the best preserved Medieval cities in Europe and its small narrow streets and cobblestone roads were so charming! The city is made up of the nicest old platz (squares) that are surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Also, the main attraction to the city is the art and architecture scene. And yes, this is the original home of Art Basel. I missed it by a week but was still able to see some gallery openings which was awesome! The city also houses some of the worlds best museums and art so my inner art history nerd was fangirling for all 7 days that I spent there.

If you're a fan of art and old charming architecture I definitely recommend a visit to Basel, Switzerland! 🇨🇭

xoxo, Shay


  1. Amazing photos, wish i had a chance to been there <3

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